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Building Materials and services

Welcome to the C.E.F. s.r.l. Homepage!

Our firm has been on the market for over 30 years. We offers experience and professionality within the construction industry, as well as a vast range of products, services and consultations.

Here is a summary of the products and services that we can provide:

  • cement, lime, aggregates, and ready-made and dosed products
  • brick masonry and coatings
  • mineral and brick coverings
  • metal coatings and coverings
  • skylights, roof windows and solar tunnels
  • anti-fall systems
  • formwork panels, OSB panels, (fir / larch)
  • fir stakes, train sleepers
  • natural stone for cladding and paving
  • stone veneer for cladding
  • pavers and concrete plates for external flooring
  • floors and coverage in porcelain stoneware
  • prefabricated structres in concrete
  • thermal and acoustic insulation
  • waterproofing
  • environmentally sustainable construction chemicals
  • pipes and fittings in PVC and PP, water collection tanks, manhole covers and PVC grids, cast iron and zinc (galvanized)
  • subframes, pocket doors and fire doors, overhead doors (tailored, galvanized or in wood)
  • welded wire mesh for construction and fencing
  • pellets, briquettes and firewood
  • storage and collection of debris
  • delivery service
  • rental service.

Please get in touch for any more information or needs!

Some brands distributed

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cementi cugini
soluzioni acustiche isolmant
prodotti edili locatelli
porte tagliafuoco padilla